Dispatch, The Two Brainards, union negotiations and more. Let me know if you have any trouble opening it.

Giving kudos for snow removal, mayor to mayor, is high praise indeed.

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A few mentions of Pepper Pike.

Always nice to see Pepper Pike kids make good - two went to Orange HS and one to US.

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Anyone know anything about this company or Jerry Miller? Who knew what Pepper Pike could nurture!?

And the CJN wins for being the first to publish a response from any newly elected public servant from any of the four burbs looking at merging about the merger possibility itself!

Making sure residents continue to follow our city government work as closely as the newly elected council members and mayor did before being elected remains a major goal of mine. When the watchdogs get elected, vigilance continues to be necessary, less complacency or ego take over again.

As I wrote them last night - may the newcomers enjoy their campaign results as I do mine.