Women. Did it. Report it. New year’s resolution - good? Good.

I don’t think football was involved, just domestic violence. When will the headlines, the storylines and the efforts to deter these scenarios reflect this?

Read it and vote.

Just sayin’ - ceding cities & townships & villages into counties as the most efficient way to align resources with needs. It’s the up and coming conversation folks.

Must-read column about the bullying done by many (not all) in the name of the 2nd Amendment supporting assault weapons for everyone.

As a former archery teacher of young kids, I couldn’t be happier. Even my teen daughter came home this week from summer gym saying how much she liked archery. Bullseye!

Really? REALLY? Wow. I hope this individual doesn’t care for any children. Wow.


I’ve had this attempted against me in different but equally wrong ways. So not happening.

A fellow conference goer last week told me I was addicted - just after I finished live-tweeting an epic live debate between Barney Frank and Bill Kristol. Am I? Or is he just disengaged?